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Mixed-use development: Quiz


Question 1: In 1961, ________' influential The Death and Life of Great American Cities argued that a mixture of uses is vital and necessary for a healthy urban area.
New York CityTorontoRobert MosesJane Jacobs

Question 2: In most cases, the ________ had become a requirement for transportation between vast fields of residentially zoned housing and the separate commercial and office strips, creating issues of Automobile dependency.
Disc brakeAutomobileVacuum servoThrottle

Question 3: Where zoning does not impede it, as in ________, a large supermarket can be included in the same building.
Columbus CircleNew York CityTime Warner CenterCNN

Question 4: ________ is an example of unusually high density leading to relaxation of standards in this matter.
Staten IslandManhattanBrooklynNew York City

Question 5: Fear of buildings blocking out the sun led many to call for zoning regulations, particularly in ________.
New York metropolitan areaBrooklynManhattanNew York City

Question 6: ________ and other traffic calming measures intended to serve such residential users may impede commercial traffic.
Street hierarchyCity blockSuburbGrid plan

Question 7: As American, British, Canadian and Australian cities ________, the need to separate residences from hazardous factories became less important.
United StatesIndustrial plans for GermanyDeindustrializationMorgenthau Plan

Question 8: In planning ________ terms, this can mean some combination of residential, commercial, industrial, office, institutional, or other land uses.
Development control in the United KingdomZoningPlanning permissionZoning in the United States

Question 9: Furthermore, many factories produced substantial ________ of various kinds.
PollutionMarine pollutionAir pollutionWater pollution

Question 10: This historical mixed-used pattern of development declined during ________ in favor of large-scale separation of manufacturing and residences in single-function buildings.
IndustrialisationPovertyIndustrial RevolutionIslamic Golden Age


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