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Question 1: ________, flying a P-38 Lightning shot down a Ki-51 after a vigorous dogfight in which the much slower Ki-51 utilized its low speed maneuverability and made a fight of it.
Franklin D. RooseveltCharles LindberghHarry S. TrumanDwight D. Eisenhower

Question 2: Allied codename "Sonia") was a light bomber/dive bomber in service with the ________ during World War II.
Shōwa periodImperial Japanese ArmyImperial General HeadquartersImperial Japanese Navy

Question 3: As the war drew to a close, they began to be used in ________ attacks.
KempeitaiKamikazeComfort womenImperial Japanese Navy

Question 4: Initially deployed against Chinese forces, it proved to be too slow to hold up against the ________ of the other Allied powers.
Fighter aircraftF-4 Phantom IIF-35 Lightning IIF-16 Fighting Falcon

Question 5: Communist Chinese (captured): The last 4 Ki-51s retired in ________.


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