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Question 1: In a normal ________, the atria contracts first, filling the ventricle.
Cardiac cycleSystole (medicine)Circulatory systemCardiac action potential

Question 2:
How do you write Mitral valve in latin?
valva atrioventricularis sinistra, valva mitralis
ramus interventricularis anterior arteriae coronariae sinistrae
nodus atrioventricularis
vena gastrica sinistra

Question 3: During left ventricular diastole, after the pressure drops in the left ventricle due to relaxation of the ventricular ________, the mitral valve opens, and blood travels from the left atrium to the left ventricle.
Smooth muscleSkeletal muscleCardiac muscleMuscle

Question 4: (The orientation of the two leaflets resemble a ________'s miter, whence the valve receives its name.

Question 5: Front of thorax, showing surface relations of ________, lungs (purple), pleura (blue), and heart (red outline).
Human skeletonHead and neck anatomyBoneHuman skull

Question 6: The mitral valve (also known as the bicuspid valve or left atrioventricular valve) is a dual-flap (bi- from the Latin, meaning double, and mitral- from the Latin, meaning shaped like a miter) valve in the ________ that lies between the left atrium (LA) and the left ventricle (LV).
TorsoCirculatory systemHeartLymphatic system


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