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Question 1: Mitogens are often used to stimulate ________ and therefore assess immune function.
Immune systemThymocyteAdaptive immune systemLymphocyte

Question 2: Mitogens also induce the activity of the PTGS2 ________.
ProteinEnzymeEnzyme inhibitorCofactor (biochemistry)

Question 3: ________ are terminally differentiated and therefore cannot undergo mitosis.
White blood cellPlasma cellT helper cellB cell

Question 4: Mitogens trigger signal transduction pathways in which ________ is involved, leading to mitosis.
Mitogen-activated protein kinaseAKTExtracellular signal-regulated kinasesMAPK/ERK pathway

Question 5: A mitogen is a ________ that encourages a cell to commence cell division, triggering mitosis.
ChemistryOxygenCarbonChemical substance

Question 6: Plasma B cells can enter mitosis when they encounter an ________ matching their immunoglobulin.
AntigenPolyclonal B cell responseImmune systemPhagocyte

Question 7: ________ toxin from gram-negative bacteria is thymus independent.
SuperantigenLipopolysaccharideLipid AEndotoxin

Question 8: A mitogen is usually some form of a ________.

Question 9: Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 mediates the major growth-promoting effect of ________ as a paracrine agent at growth plates in the skeletal system.
Growth hormoneProlactinGrowth hormone treatmentHuman placental lactogen

Question 10: They may directly activate B cells, regardless of their ________ specificity.
AntigenPhagocytePolyclonal B cell responseImmune system


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