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Question 1: Mitochondrial ________ is encoded by MT-RNR1 (12S) and MT-RNR2 (16S).
Transfer RNADNANon-coding RNARibosomal RNA

Question 2: In humans (and probably in ________ in general), 100-10,000 separate copies of mtDNA are usually present per cell (egg and sperm cells are exceptions).

Question 3: In mammals, each double-stranded circular mtDNA ________ consists of 15,000-17,000 base pairs.

Question 4: ________ in mtDNA can in some cases cause maternally inherited diseases and some evidence suggests that they might be major contributors to the aging process and age-associated pathologies.
Population geneticsEvolutionSpeciationMutation

Question 5: [5] The concept of the ________ is based on the same type of analysis, attempting to discover the origin of humanity by tracking the lineage back in time.
Genealogical DNA testMitochondrial EveHaplogroupHuman mitochondrial molecular clock

Question 6: In ________, mitochondria are normally inherited exclusively from the mother.
Flowering plantFertilisationPlant reproductionSexual reproduction

Question 7: fatty acid degradation (Carnitine palmitoyltransferase I, ________)
Long fatty acyl CoA synthetaseSuccinyl coenzyme A synthetaseCarbamoyl phosphate synthetase ICarnitine-acylcarnitine translocase

Question 8: Of the 37 genes, 13 are for proteins (polypeptides), 22 are for transfer RNA (tRNA) and two are for the small and large subunits of ________ (rRNA).
Non-coding RNADNARibosomal RNAMessenger RNA

Question 9: It has been reported that mitochondria can occasionally be inherited from the father in some species such as ________.

Question 10: Nuclear and mitochondrial DNA are thought to be of separate evolutionary origin, with the mtDNA being derived from the circular genomes of the ________ that were engulfed by the early ancestors of today's eukaryotic cells.
Gram-negative bacteriaGram-positive bacteriaCorynebacteriumBacteria

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