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Mitigation of peak oil: Quiz


Question 1: Shipping costs are particularly relevant to a country like Japan that has greater ________.
Local foodAgricultureFood milesSustainability

Question 2: In the US, transportation by car is guided more by the government than by an ________.
Laissez-faireAdam SmithInvisible handLudwig von Mises

Question 3: Due to its high ________, oil has a unique role as a transportation fuel.
OxygenEnergy densityHydrogenUranium

Question 4: Reserves of ________ are substantial, and the technology to use it is well established.
CoalWind powerGrid energy storageHydroelectricity

Question 5: By reducing petroleum consumption, mitigation efforts seek to favorably change the shape of the Hubbert curve, which is the graph of real oil production over time predicted by ________.
Peak oilHubbert peak theoryEnergy crisis2000s energy crisis

Question 6: Compared to conventional oil, much more energy is required to extract oil from non-conventional sources,[25] so increasing costs and ________.
Global warmingCarbon dioxideGreenhouse gasOzone depletion

Question 7: ________, created via coal liquefaction, requires no engine modifications for use in standard automobiles.
Fischer–Tropsch processCoal liquefactionShale oil extractionSynthetic fuel

Question 8: For the most part, mitigation involves fuel conservation, and the use of alternative and ________ sources.
Renewable energyRenewable energy developmentBiofuelRenewable energy commercialization

Question 9: The ________ is designed to offset market imbalances.
New OrleansGlobal strategic petroleum reservesUnited StatesStrategic Petroleum Reserve

Question 10: As a byproduct of oil embargoes during ________ in South Africa, Sasol, using the Fischer-Tropsch process, developed relatively low-cost coal-based fuel.
South Africa under apartheidRacial segregationJim Crow lawsRacism


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