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Mithril: Quiz


Question 1: The malleability, lack of tarnishing and use of the metal in jewelery could also indicate a reference to ________.

Question 2: ________ may have found his body there, and taken the Elendilmir from it.

Question 3: After Gimli became lord of Aglarond, he and his dwarves forged great gates of mithril and steel to replace the gates of Minas Tirith which were broken by the ________.
The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle GameSauronAragornWitch-king of Angmar

Question 4: After Elendil fell in the War of the Last Alliance, his eldest son ________ ascended to the throne.

Question 5: The name mithril or similarly spelled variations (mithral, mythril, and others) is present in other fictional contexts like roleplaying games, since the Tolkien Estate did not ________ the term.
TrademarkGenericized trademarkPublic domainUnited States trademark law

Question 6: Mithril is also the name of a secret military unit in the anime ________.
Full Metal Panic!Arm SlaveFull Metal Panic? FumoffuMithril (Full Metal Panic!)

Question 7: The name is usually used for a special type of metal (often used as armour, and is then almost always the best type second only to ________), or as a denomination of currency, or as a name for a project or device.
Sabretooth (comics)AdamantiumWolverine (comics)Stan Lee

Question 8: The Guards of the Citadel of ________ wear helmets of mithril, "heirlooms from the glory of old days".
SauronMinas TirithAragornGondor

Question 9: The name mithril comes from two words in ________mith, meaning "grey", and ril meaning "glitter".
QuenyaSindarinEsperantoElvish languages (Middle-earth)

Question 10: One early example is Dungeons & Dragons most notably the ________ setting.
DragonlanceOriental AdventuresForgotten RealmsDungeons & Dragons

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