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Mithridates VI of Pontus: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Mithridates VI of Pontus have?

Question 3: Certainly influenced by ________, Mithridates VI extended his propaganda from "defender" of Greece to the "great liberator" of the Greek world as war with Rome became inevitable.
Seleucid EmpireMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Alexander the GreatPtolemaic Kingdom

Question 4: Mithridates the Great is a major character in ________'s novel The Golden Slave.
Poul AndersonRobert A. HeinleinScience fictionIsaac Asimov

Question 5: The demise of Mithridates VI is detailed in the 1673 play Mithridate written by ________.
Blaise PascalMolièrePierre CorneilleJean Racine

Question 6: Tigranes II, king of neighboring ________, established an alliance with Mithridates and married the Pontic leader's favorite daughter, Cleopatra.

Question 7: First ________ and then Pompey the Great were sent against Mithridates VI, who surged back to retake his kingdom of Pontus, but was at last defeated by Pompey.
Julius CaesarLucius Cornelius SullaLucullusAlexander the Great

Question 8: The most impressive symbol of Mithridates VI's approbation with Greece (Athens in particular) appears at ________: a heroon dedicated to the Pontic king in 102/1 by the Athenian Helianax, a priest of Poseidon Aisios.

Question 9: [3] Whatever his true intentions, the Greek cities (including ________) defected to the side of Mithridates and welcomed his armies in mainland Greece, while his fleet besieged the Romans at Rhodes.

Question 10: Mithridate was a complicated mixture of ingredients used to cure poisoning during the ________ Period.
Italian RenaissanceWestern art historyRenaissanceBaroque


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