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Mithridates: Quiz


Question 1: Mithridates, philological term for any book in multiple languages, after ________ who was said to be able to speak in over 25 languages
Alexander the GreatMithridates VI of PontusSeleucid EmpireAttalus I

Question 2: 302-266 BC), founder of the ________
PhrygiaMithridates VI of PontusKingdom of PontusBithynia

Question 3: ________ (r. c.
Attalus ISeleucid EmpireAlexander the GreatMithridates VI of Pontus

Question 4: Mithridate, 1673 play by ________
Blaise PascalJean RacinePierre CorneilleMolière

Question 5: Mithridates or Mithradates is the Hellenistic form of an Iranian theophoric name, meaning "given by the deity ________".
MithraAshaAhura MazdaAban

Question 6: Mithradates, eunuch who assisted in the assassination of ________ (d.
Achaemenid EmpireGreco-Persian WarsBattle of ThermopylaeXerxes I of Persia


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