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Mithridate: Quiz


Question 1: Mithridatium, also known as as mithridate," "mithridatum, mithridatium or mithridaticum, is a semi-mythical remedy with as many as 65 ingredients, used as an antidote for ________, and said to be created by Mithradates VI Eupator of Pontus.
Arsenic poisoningPoisonLead poisoningMercury poisoning

Question 2: It is accounted a Cordial, ________, Sudorific, and Alexipharmic" Petrus Andreas Matthiolus considered it more effectual against poisons than venice treacle, and easier to make.

Question 3: The recipe of it was found in his cabinet, written with his own hand, and was carried to Rome by ________.
Alexander the GreatPompeyJulius CaesarLucius Cornelius Sulla

Question 4: It was among one of the most complex, highly sought-after drugs during the Middle Age and Renaissance, particularly in Italy and ________, where they were in continual use for centuries.
United StatesUnited KingdomFranceCanada

Question 5: [1] An updated recipe called theriac (Theriacum Andromachi) was known well into the ________.
18th centuryRomanticismEugène Delacroix19th century

Question 6: Against poisoning, a piece the size of an ________ is given in wine.
AlmondButterOlive oilSoybean

Question 7: [4] Until as late as ________, physicians in London could officially prescribe mithridate.

Question 8: In ________'s collection of poetry titled A Shropshire Lad, there is a poem about King Mithridates and his antidote's amazing abilities:
EnglandA Shropshire LadAlfred Edward HousmanClassics

Question 9: It was translated into Latin by Pompey's freedman Lenaeus, and later improved upon by Nero's physician Andromachus and Marcus Aurelius's physician ________.
GalenHippocratesAvicennaIbn Zuhr

Question 10: Galen called the antidote "________" and presented versions by Aelius (used by Julius Caesar), Andromachus (physician to Nero), Antipater, Nicostratus, and Damocratis.
CannabisMithridateBlack pepperTheriac


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