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Mitanni: Quiz


Question 1: The association of Mitanni with Urartu (Ararat), and of Urartu (Ararat) with ________ plays a role in the Armenians' history.

Question 2: Kizzuwatna in the west and Ishuwa in the north were important allies against the hostile ________.

Question 3: Only the area at the middle Orontes and ________ became part of Egyptian territory.
Roman EmpirePhoeniciaAlexander the GreatRashidun Caliphate

Question 4: It is very similar to Assyria in climate, and was settled by both indigenous Hurrian and ________-speaking (Amurru) populations.
SumerAkkadian EmpireAmoriteMitanni

Question 5: In order to protect their Syrian border zone the new Pharaoh ________ instead received envoys from the Hittites and Assyria; the former Mitannian vassal state.
AkhenatenAmenhotep IIITutankhamunNefertiti

Question 6: The Mitanni warriors were called marya, the term for warrior in ________ as well; note mišta-nnu (= miẓḍha,~ Sanskrit mīḍha) "payment (for catching a fugitive)" (Mayrhofer, Etym.

Question 7: They also controlled the upper Tigris and its headwaters at Nineveh, ________, Assur and Nuzi.
Iraqi KurdistanArbilMosulIraq

Question 8: Under the rule of ________, Egyptian troops crossed the Euphrates and entered the core lands of Mitanni.
Amenhotep IIIHatshepsutAhmose IThutmose III

Question 9: [17] Hurrian, and thus the Hurrians, are relatives of ________, both belonging to the Hurro-Urartian language family.
UrartuArmeniaArmeniansArmenian language

Question 10: It is believed that the warring Hurrian tribes and city states became united under one dynasty after the collapse of ________ due to the Hittite sack by Mursili I and the Kassite invasion.
Akkadian EmpireBabylonBabyloniaMesopotamia


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