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Question 1: There, he finds that the House is a world unto itself, around which the ________ is organized, whose purpose is, or was, to observe and record all that occurs in the infinity.
RedshiftUniverseBig BangTime

Question 2: He is saved by the ceramic ________ in which he had placed the Key.
Komodo dragonBeaded lizardGila monsterVaranus salvadorii

Question 3: Mister Monday is the first novel in the ________ series by Garth Nix.
The Keys to the KingdomDrowned WednesdaySir ThursdayLady Friday

Question 4: On ________, a boy named Arthur Penhaligon is at a new school.

Question 5: Mister Monday is afflicted with the ________ of Sloth.
Seven deadly sinsLustPrideAnger

Question 6: He hands the responsibility of ________ over to the Will itself, manifest in the form of Dame Primus (a name almost literally meaning "First Lady"), returns to Earth, and tries to regain the threads of his old life.

Question 7: He is accompanied during the most of his journey by a ________ girl-child named Suzy Turquoise Blue, who was brought to the House by the Piper (one of the immortal Denizens of the House) along with many other children.
English languageEstuary EnglishBritish EnglishCockney

Question 8: He collapses because of a severe ________.
Hypersensitivity pneumonitisAsthmaFarmer's lungAllergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis


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