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Mistaken identity: Quiz


Question 1: ________ used mistaken identity to defend William "Duff" Armstrong in 1858.
Abraham LincolnAndrew JohnsonUlysses S. GrantGerald Ford

Question 2: With ________ and DNA evidence now commonplace, many convictions based on eyewitness testimony are being re-examined.
Expert witnessReal evidenceDNA profilingCompetence (law)

Question 3: According to statistics, over 75% of the cases of DNA exonerations have involved mistaken ________.
DNA profilingExculpatory evidenceConfession (law)Eyewitness identification

Question 4: After Cotton's serving 10.5 years of his sentence, ________ conclusively proved that Poole was indeed the rapist.
Competence (law)DNA profilingExpert witnessReal evidence

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