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Question 1: This shortens the distance between the vagina and cervix, and it can place more friction on the ________.
Skene's glandFemale ejaculationG-SpotClitoris

Question 2: [60] The ________ notes, "Positions that work before pregnancy and early in pregnancy can be uncomfortable or even unsafe at later stages of the baby’s development.
Franklin D. RooseveltPoliomyelitisUnited StatesMarch of Dimes

Question 3: The missionary position is often preferred by couples who enjoy its romantic qualities afforded by copious skin-to-skin contact and opportunities to look into each other's eyes and ________ and caress each other.

Question 4: A common myth states that the term "missionary position" arose in response to ________ missionaries, who taught that the position was the only proper way to engage in sexual intercourse.
ChristianChristianityCatholic ChurchJesus

Question 5: Lubricant can also be used on the ________ to reduce friction and stimulation, slowing the man's orgasm.
Reproductive systemBreastRectumPenis

Question 6: [10] In addition to humans, the missionary position is also used by certain other species including bonobos[77], gorillas[78] and ________.

Question 7: [10] The majority of the positions described in the ________ involve the woman lying on her back with her legs in a variety of positions.
69 (sex position)Oral sexMissionary positionKama Sutra

Question 8: While many states formerly outlawed oral sex, ________, buggery, or other "unnatural" acts, no US law has banned ventro-dorsal heterosexual sex, or specified which partner needed to be on top.
Anal–oral sexSexual intercourseMen who have sex with menAnal sex

Question 9: [48] In contrast, feminist ________ writes that any sex act where a heavier partner makes the lighter one take on their weight is "sadistic".
George GallowayGermaine GreerSue PerkinsMichael Barrymore

Question 10: [23] In 1948, Kinsey published the male volume of the ________, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.
Kinsey ReportsSexual orientationKinsey scaleHomosexuality

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