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Question 1: In the earlier stages of the ________, a Turkic form of Shamanism was still widely practiced in Anatolia, which soon started to give in to the mysticism offered by Sufism.
Turkish peopleIstanbulTurkeyOttoman Empire

Question 2: The teachings of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, who migrated from Khorasan to ________, are good examples to the mystical aspect of Sufism.
IstanbulAnatoliaTurkeyTurkish people

Question 3: In recent times, members of the American Reform movement began a program to convert to ________ the non-Jewish spouses of its intermarried members and non-Jews who have an interest in Judaism.
SamaritanKabbalahIslam and JudaismJudaism

Question 4: The spread of Islam towards Central and ________ has been prominent but slow, until the early 19th century.
EuropeNigeriaNorth AfricaWest Africa

Question 5: Despite some inter-Testamental Jewish missionary activity, contemporary ________ states clearly that missionary activities are not a priority.

Question 6: The New Testament missionary outreach of the Christian church from the time of St Paul was extensive throughout the ________.
Roman EmpireRoman RepublicWestern Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 7: While some of these missions were associated with imperialism and oppression, others (notably Matteo Ricci's ________ mission to China) were relatively peaceful and focused on integration rather than cultural imperialism.
Conventual FranciscansSociety of JesusDominican OrderCongregation of the Most Holy Redeemer

Question 8: Their rationale is that so many Jews were lost during ________ that newcomers must be sought out and welcomed.
AntisemitismThe HolocaustHolocaust (resources)Responsibility for the Holocaust

Question 9: With the coming about of the tradition of ________, Islamic missionary activities have increased considerably.
SufismTariqahMoinuddin ChishtiDhikr

Question 10: Conversion to Islam in prisons,[10] and in large ________[11] has also contributed to its growth over the years.
Urban areaMegalopolis (city type)CitySão Paulo

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