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Question 1: One of the first Christian ________ was St. Paul.
MissionaryState religionChristianityIslam

Question 2: The definition is claimed to summarize the acts of ________' ministry, which is taken as a model motivation for all ministries.
GospelJesusNew TestamentNew Testament view on Jesus' life

Question 3: ________ followed disciplines and supported missions, libraries and practical research, all of which were perceived as works to reduce human misery and suffering, thus enhancing the reputation of God.
MonkChristian monasticismMonasteryMonasticism

Question 4: He became a missionary to the Housatonic Native Americans and a staunch advocate for them against ________.
United StatesGlobalizationRussiaCultural imperialism

Question 5: In Spanish colonization of the Americas, the Catholic missionaries selected and learned among the languages of the ________ and devised writing systems for them.
Models of migration to the New WorldIndigenous peoples of the AmericasPre-Columbian eraClassification of indigenous peoples of the Americas

Question 6: Particularly in rural Australia, missions have become localities or ghettoes on the edges of towns which are home to many ________.
Indigenous AustraliansNorfolk IslandMelanesiaIndigenous Australian music

Question 7: Then they preached to them in those languages (Quechua, Guarani, ________) instead of Spanish, to keep Indians away from "sinful" whites.
Nahua peoplesMesoamerican languagesMayan languagesNahuatl

Question 8: With the Papal bull ________ the patronage for the propagation of the Christian faith in Asia was given to the Portuguese, who were rewarded with the right of conquest.
Romanus PontifexCatholic ChurchPortugalSlavery

Question 9: One of the quietest, yet most far-reaching services provided by missionaries started with the Each one, teach one ________ program begun by Dr.
Adolescent literacyMultimedia literacyInternational Reading AssociationLiteracy

Question 10: This is the famous "three-self" formula formuladte by Henry Venn of the London ________ in the 19th century.
Church Mission SocietySamuel MarsdenThomas KendallHenry Williams (missionary)


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