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Question 1: Faizalpuria or Singhpuria Misl, first led by Sardar ________ -(Strength - 5,000 regular horsemen)
Jassa Singh AhluwaliaJassa Singh RamgarhiaBanda Singh BahadurNawab Kapur Singh

Question 2: Ramgarhia Misl, first led by Sardar Nand Singh and then by ________ -(Strength - 5,000 regular horsemen)
Banda Singh BahadurJassa Singh RamgarhiaNawab Kapur SinghJassa Singh Ahluwalia

Question 3: This was caused by the overall decline of the ________, particularly in Punjab, caused by Sikh military action against it.
Pala EmpireTimurid dynastyMongol EmpireMughal Empire

Question 4: Previous Supreme Commanders include ________ and Sultan Ul Quam Baba Jassa Singh Ahluwalia.
SikhNawab Kapur SinghJassa Singh RamgarhiaBanda Singh Bahadur

Question 5: This left a power vacuum that was eventually filled by the ________.
Nawab Kapur SinghSikh EmpireSikhismBanda Singh Bahadur

Question 6: ________ Misl, first led by Sardar Sultan ul Quam Baba Jassa Singh Ahluwalia -(Strength - 6,000 regular horsemen)
Punjabi peopleAhluwaliaAroraSaini people

Question 7: These orders were only issued in military matters affecting the whole ________ community.
MazhabiSikh diasporaSikhismSikh

Question 8: The ________ is a description of the political structure, of how all the Barons' Kingdoms interacted with each other, (politically), together in Punjab.
Nawab Kapur SinghSikh EmpireBanda Singh BahadurSikhism

Question 9: This Confederacy was made up of individual Sikh kingdoms that were ruled by Sikh ________.


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