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Mishneh Torah: Quiz


Question 1: Regret followed, when he saw the ________ being burnt in Paris in 1244, which he interpreted as a sign from Heaven that he had been mistaken.
TalmudMidrashJewish philosophyRabbinic literature

Question 2: As he states in the preface, ________ was reluctant to write in Talmudic Aramaic, since it was not widely known.
SoulMaimonidesAverroesThomas Aquinas

Question 3: Yom Tov: prohibitions on major ________ that are different from the prohibitions of Sabbath
Jewish RenewalJewish holidayKaraite JudaismPassover

Question 4: Major sources of contention were the absence of sources and the belief that the work appeared to be intended to supersede study of the ________.
TalmudJewish philosophyMidrashRabbinic literature

Question 5: During his lifetime Rabbi Yosef Qafahh was a leading figure in the Baladi Yemenite community as a whole, as well as the ________ or strict "Rambamists".
Jewish philosophySephardi JewsDor DaimKabbalah

Question 6: Mishneh Torah itself has been the subject of a number of commentaries: Kesef Mishné by Yosef Karo, Mishné la-Melech, Lechem Mishné, Radvaz and Hagahot Maimoni (which details ________ customs).
Ashkenazi JewsSephardi JewsJewsJewish ethnic divisions

Question 7:
  1. Issurei Biah: forbidden sexual relations, including niddah, incest and ________.

Question 8: In it David del Rossi claimed that a Tripolitan Jewish merchant had told him the India town of Shingly (________) had a large Jewish population who dabbled in yearly pepper trade with the Portuguese.
KodungallurKollamKochi, IndiaKannur

Question 9: The Mishneh Torah is written in Hebrew in the style of the ________.
MishnahMinor tractateTalmudTosefta

Question 10: Parallel to the 3 chapters a day cycle, there is a daily study of the Sefer Hamitzvoth "Book of the Commandments", also authored by ________.
MaimonidesSoulThomas AquinasAverroes

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