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Question 1: In Mazhar's view, ________ and Rama Chandra were both prophets, who preached the oneness of God.
VyasaBalaramaBhagavad GitaKrishna

Question 2: It should be noted that the author of Āb-i Ḥayāt, a determined ________, has been suspected of indulging in partisan religious bias.
IslamophobiaShia IslamIslamic schools and branchesIslamic theology

Question 3: In his prime, Mazhar was advised to write poetry in ________ rather than Persian as the days of the latter language were said to be numbered in India.
UrduHindiPunjabi languageHindustani language

Question 4: He used in one of his letters, the expression "the ________ infidels" (kuffār-i Sikh).
SikhSikh diasporaMazhabiSikhism

Question 5: Among his 'disciples' or Muridīn was the great Hanafī scholar, Qādī Thanāullāh Panipatī, who wrote a famous ________ of the Qur'an by the name Tafsir-i Mazharī, which he named after his teacher.
Shia IslamIslamTafsirFi Zilal al-Qur'an

Question 6: His father Mirzā Jān was employed in the army of the mighty Mughal Emperor ________.
Mughal EmpireAkbar the GreatMughal emperorsAurangzeb

Question 7: His early religious intruction was entrusted to hājjī Afzal Siyālkōtī (________) and hāfiz Abd al-Rasūl Dihlawī (Qur'an).
Islamic schools and branchesHadithSunni IslamSharia

Question 8: Among his notable ideas is his acceptance of the Divine-origin of the vedas, which he claimed were revealed by God at the beginning of creation, and his acceptance of the Hindus as the ________.
People of the BookIslamCriticism of IslamIslam and other religions

Question 9: This sarcastic remark is said to have been born out of religious hatred, as Sauda was a committed Shia and Mirzā Mazhar was an ardent ________ known for his polemics against Shi'ism.
AliIslamic schools and branchesSunni IslamRashidun


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