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Question 1: In geometry, the mirror image of an object or two-dimensional figure is the virtual image formed by reflection in a plane mirror; it is of the same size as the original object, yet different, unless the object or figure has reflection symmetry (also known as a ________).
Standard ModelForceElectric chargeParity (physics)

Question 2: It is also a concept in ________ and can also be used in a conceptualization process for 3-D structures.
MathematicsGeometryAlgebraic geometryManifold

Question 3: As an optical effect it results from reflection off of substances such as a ________ or water.

Question 4: Some movie theaters also use a Rear Window Captioning System to assist individuals with ________ watching the film.
TinnitusHearing impairmentSensorineural hearing lossPresbycusis

Question 5: Emergency vehicles such as ________ or fire engines use mirror images in order to be read from a driver's rear-view mirror.
Emergency medical servicesEmergency medical dispatcherParamedicAmbulance

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