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Mirror Universe (Star Trek): Quiz


Question 1: A two-part episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, entitled "________", introduces the early developments of the Mirror Universe.
These Are the Voyages...Affliction (Star Trek: Enterprise)In a Mirror, DarklyHome (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Question 2: When commenting on whether the Star Trek: Enterprise show takes place in an alternate universe, ________ has declared that it was "of course not" the case [1].
Ronald D. MooreBrannon BragaManny CotoAll Good Things...

Question 3: By 2155, the Terran Empire had already enslaved the Vulcans, ________, Orions, and Tellarites, and launched successful attacks against the Klingons and the Xindi (as seen in the opening credits).
Vulcan (Star Trek)FerengiAndorianRomulan

Question 4: Another notable parody occurred in ________ episode 611, "Last of the Wild Horses".
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The MovieMystery Science Theater 3000 video releasesCrow T. RobotMystery Science Theater 3000

Question 5: What Kirk never knew, but which was established in the Enterprise episode "________", was the Tholians of the Mirror Universe managed to open a dimensional rift hoping to steal technology from alternate realities.
Affliction (Star Trek: Enterprise)In a Mirror, DarklyThese Are the Voyages...Home (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Question 6: Portions of a number of ________ take place in the Mirror Universe.
Star Trek OnlineStar Trek: Deep Space Nine: The FallenStar Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek games

Question 7: This same line of logic was used in an episode of ________ and a This Modern World strip.
Sealab 2021Aqua Teen Hunger ForceFrisky DingoThe Brak Show

Question 8: These members of the Terran Empire have presumably been trapped in the graveyard for many years and have formed an alliance with crews of ________, Malons and Hirogen, though it is unknown if any of these races are also from the mirror universe.
KlingonStar Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryStar Trek: The Motion PictureStar Trek V: The Final Frontier

Question 9: Her reports in the mass media paint the Enterprise survivors as heroes, much to the consternation of Starfleet brass who still wanted Kirk ________.
MilitaryCourt-martialDesertionJudge Advocate General's Corps

Question 10: The Mirror version of Soval is seen to be an enlisted science crewman aboard the ISS Avenger, another Starfleet vessel which is also seen to include ________ and Orion crewmembers.
AndorianVulcan (Star Trek)FerengiRomulan

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