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Mirror TV: Quiz


Question 1: A "Mirror TV" or "TV Mirror" is any device that is convertible from a television to a ________.

Question 2: Mirror TVs can be integrated into interior designs including ________ and Home automationintegration.
BluetoothBuilding automationPower line communicationHome automation

Question 3: Mirror TVs are also popular for bath spaces and ________, where TVs are more unusual.
Public toiletRest areaPay toiletBathroom

Question 4: The mirror is carefully ________ to allow an image to transfer through the mirror.
PolarizerOpticsPolarization (waves)Maxwell's equations

Question 5: Technically, the device consists of specially engineered mirror glass with a ________ TV behind the mirror surface.
LCD televisionTFT LCDOrganic LEDLiquid crystal display

Question 6: Models include High-Definition functionality, common with the ________ technology used in the screens.
TFT LCDLiquid crystal displayOrganic LEDLCD television


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