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Question 1: The Party commissar sent to intermediate between Krleža and other Leftist and Party journals was ________.
Joseph StalinCold WarJosip Broz TitoFidel Castro

Question 2: At that time, Pécs and Zagreb were within the ________.
Ottoman EmpireGerman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 3: Upon his return to Croatia, he was demoted in the ________ and sent as a common soldier to the Eastern front in the World War I.
Austria–HungaryAustro-Hungarian NavyAustro–Hungarian ArmyCount Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf

Question 4: After the establishment of the pro-Nazi puppet ________, Krleža refused to join the Partisans now headed by Tito.
UstašeIndependent State of CroatiaNazismAnte Pavelić

Question 5: He defected for Serbia in 1912 as a volunteer for the ________, but was dismissed as a suspected spy.
BelgradeYugoslav People's ArmySerbian Land ForcesSerbian Air Force and Air Defence

Question 6: He entered a preparatory military school in Pécs, modern-day ________.

Question 7: Subsequently, he attended the Ludoviceum military academy at ________.

Question 8: Following the deaths of ________ in May 1980, and particularly of Krleža's wife Bela Krleža in April 1981, Krleža spent most of his his last year of life depressed and ill.
Cold WarFidel CastroJoseph StalinJosip Broz Tito

Question 9: Miroslav Krleža was born in Zagreb, modern-day ________.


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