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Question 1: ________ hears and calls all three to the door of the tabernacle.

Question 2: Miriam is called a prophetess, and is traditionally believed to have composed a brief victory song after ________’s army was drowned in the Red Sea (Exodus 15:20-21).
Amenhotep IIIAhmose IPharaohHatshepsut

Question 3: Some place a “Cup of Miriam,” filled with water, beside the customary “Cup of Elijah” (filled with wine) during the ________.
Jewish holidayPesach SheniPassover SederMimouna

Question 4: However, Zipporah is described as being a ________ from Midian.
Kingdom of KushNubiaSudanMeroë

Question 5: Miriam and Aaron question Moses’ exclusive religious authority, since they consider themselves to also have been ________.

Question 6: Later, she objected to the marriage of Moses to a Cushite woman, which made her guilty of speaking Lashon hara (gossiping, or speaking negatively about someone), for which she was struck with ________.
TorahTzaraathMikvehMetzora (parsha)

Question 7: The cup contains water in memory of Miriam's well, which according to a ________ accompanied the Israelites on their journey through the desert.
Rabbinic literatureMidrashTalmudBible

Question 8: Friedman, following the tradition of the ________, asserts that various Biblical tales were created or publicized by these factions in order to add an aura of legitimacy to their various claims to privilege and power.
BibleHigher criticismDocumentary hypothesisBiblical criticism

Question 9: At Hazeroth, Miriam and ________ speak against Moses because:
IsaacAbrahamEnoch (Biblical figure)Aaron

Question 10: She appears first in the ________ in the Hebrew Bible.
Book of DeuteronomyBook of ExodusBook of LeviticusBook of Numbers

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