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Mircea Eliade: Quiz


Question 1: One of Eliade's best-known works, the novel Maitreyi, dwells on Eliade's own experience, comprising camouflaged details of his relationships with ________ and Dasgupta's daughter Maitreyi Devi.
Scottish Church College, CalcuttaHaraprasad ShastriSurendranath DasguptaSri Aurobindo

Question 2:

Question 3:
When was Mircea Eliade born?

Question 4: A secondary but unifying feature present in most of Eliade's stories is their setting, a magical and part-fictional ________.

Question 5: [155] Here he sees a similarity with the philosophy of ________, who believed that physical phenomena are pale and transient imitations of eternal models or "Forms" (see Theory of forms).
AristotleImmanuel KantPlatoBertrand Russell

Question 6: [264] In Ellwood's view, Eliade was aware that the "________" of antiquity was no longer accessible to secular man, that it could be recalled but not re-established.
HeraGolden AgeCyclopsGreek mythology

Question 7: [17] At the time, he also became interested in the actions of ________, whom he met personally,[19] and the Satyagraha as a phenomenon; later, Eliade adapted Gandhist ideas in his discourse on spirituality and Romania.
Abul Kalam AzadC. RajagopalachariMohandas Karamchand GandhiJawaharlal Nehru

Question 8: [215][216] This, like his conclusion that Romanization had been superficial inside ________, was a view celebrated by contemporary partisans of Protochronist nationalism.
RomaniaRomania in the Early Middle AgesDacia (Roman province)Roman Empire

Question 9:
Which of the following genres does Mircea Eliade produce?

Question 10:
When is Mircea Eliade's birthday?

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