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Mir: Quiz


Question 1:
What proceeded Mir?
Tourist by Athlete
Mir-2 as ROS in the ISS

Question 2: NPO Energia was responsible for the overall space station, with work subcontracted to KB Salyut, due to ongoing work on the ________ launch vehicle and Salyut 7, Soyuz-T, and Progress spacecraft.
Zenit (rocket family)Angara (rocket family)EnergiaRus-M

Question 3: Abdul Ahad Mohmand from ________ aboard Soyuz TM-6.
NATONon-Aligned MovementAfghanistanCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Mir have?
Stirb nicht vor mir
Red mit mir
Legend of Mir 2

Question 5: Soyuz T-15 redocked with Mir on June 26 and delivered the experiments and 20 instruments, including a multichannel ________.

Question 6: Mir was primarily supported by the Russian Soyuz and ________.
Progress 7K-TGProgress (spacecraft)Progress M1-5Progress-M1

Question 7: The Mir also marked the beginning of ________ when Japanese journalist Akiyama made a paid visit in 1990.
Space colonizationSpace tourismPrivate spaceflightSpace habitat

Question 8: The newly formed ________ was unable to finance them and they were put into storage, ending Mir's first expansion.
Human spaceflightEuropean Space AgencySoviet space programRussian Federal Space Agency

Question 9: It was originally planned that the ports would connect to 7.5 tonne modules derived from the ________.
Soyuz programmeSoyuz (spacecraft)Soyuz-TMASoyuz 7K-L1

Question 10: By early 1984 work on Mir had ground to a halt while all resources were being put into the ________ in order to prepare the Buran space shuttle for flight testing.
Shuttle–Mir ProgramShuttle 2.02Buran programShuttle 2.03

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