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Question 1: In Anglo-Saxon England before the ________, the professional poet was known as a scop ("shaper" or "maker"), who composed his own poems, and sang them to the accompaniment of a crude harp.
Kingdom of EnglandHistory of EnglandEnglish peopleNorman conquest of England

Question 2: A minstrel was a medieval European ________ who performed songs whose lyrics told stories about distant places or about real or imaginary historical events.
DruidWelsh mythologyCeltic polytheismBard

Question 3: Some minstrels were retained by lords as ________ who, in some cases, also practiced the art of juggling.
United KingdomJesterEnglandItaly

Question 4: As early as 1321, the minstrels of ________ were formed into a guild.
MarseilleVersaillesParisÉvry, Essonne

Question 5: Initially, minstrels were simply servants at Court (the name means literally "little servant"), and entertained the lord and courtiers with ________ or their local equivalent.
La Geste de Garin de MonglaneChanson de gesteRomance (genre)Renaud de Montauban

Question 6: Poets like ________ and John Gower appeared in one category wherein music was not a part.
The Canterbury TalesThe Knight's TaleThe Legend of Good WomenGeoffrey Chaucer

Question 7: Minstrels, on the other hand, swarmed at feasts and festivals in great numbers with harps, fiddles, ________, flutes, flageolets, citterns, and kettledrums.
BagpipesUilleann pipesPipe bandGreat Highland Bagpipe

Question 8: Minstrels throughout Europe also employed trained animals, such as ________.
CaniformiaGray WolfBrown BearBear

Question 9: A guild of royal minstrels was organized in ________ in 1469.
United KingdomEnglandWalesScotland


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