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Minorities in Iraq: Quiz


Question 1: Today, there are around 650,000 ________ in Iraq.
IranYazidiIslamKurdish people

Question 2: In the US, they are concentrated especially in the state of Michigan, California, Illinois, and ________.

Question 3: ________ were killed, and six of the last remaining Jews were hanged as ‘communists’ in 1967.
Communist stateSocialismMarxismCommunism

Question 4: The ________, like their Assyrian neighbors, are Christians.
Armenian diasporaArmenian languageArmenian Apostolic ChurchArmenians

Question 5: Ethnic Iraqi minority groups make up a large percentage of the ________.
Iraqi peopleGulf WarAssyrian diasporaIraqi diaspora

Question 6: The Aramaic-speaking Christian Assyrians are the indigenous people of Iraq and descendants of those who ruled the territory out of ancient ________.
BabyloniaSumerAkkadian EmpireAssyria

Question 7: ________, 30,000 to 70,000 before the war, ca.
MandaeismIraqi peopleIraqGulf War

Question 8: Today, there is only one Armenian village left in Northern Iraq, while most Armenians in live in ________, their population is estimated at 20,000.

Question 9: These people were members of the Yezidi sect, an ancient sect often called ‘devil worshippers’ by some ________.
Islamic terrorismDhimmiIslamismIslam and antisemitism

Question 10: During the same year, Turkey, fighting Kurds on its on territory, bombed Kurdish areas in Northern Iraq, claiming that bases for the terrorist ________ were located in the region.
2008 Turkish incursion into northern IraqRussiaKurdistan Workers' PartyTurkey – Kurdistan Workers' Party conflict


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