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Minorca: Quiz


Question 1: Minorca was recovered by the British once again in 1798, during the ________, but it was finally and permanently ceded to Spain by the Treaty of Amiens in 1802.
French Revolutionary ArmyFirst CoalitionGreat French WarFrench Revolutionary Wars

Question 2:
How many metres above sea level is Minorca?
358 m
506 m

Question 3:

Question 4: The Balearics Islands were the first legislature to give legal rights to ________.

Question 5:
Where does Minorca come from?

Question 6: The ancient town of Mago was transformed from a ________ town to a Roman town.

Question 7: It takes its name from being smaller than the nearby island of ________.
IbizaPalma, MajorcaMinorcaMajorca

Question 8: The ________, however, saw British rule restored following Britain's victory in the Seven Years War.
Treaty of Paris (1763)French and Indian WarSeven Years' WarWest Florida

Question 9: In October 1993, Minorca was designated by ________ as a biosphere reserve.
United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUNICEFUNESCOSpecial Court for Sierra Leone

Question 10: Some of these Jews form part of the ________ community.
XuetaMarranoCrypto-JudaismPalma, Majorca

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