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Question 1: Specifically, the status of minor is defined by the ________.
MontenegroCyprusVoting ageAge of majority

Question 2: Those under age ten are free of all criminal responsibility under the doli incapax doctrine of ________ legal tradition.
EnglandWalesCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 3: Some states, including ________, have passed laws allowing one who commits an extremely heinous crime, such as murder, to be tried as an adult, regardless of age.
New JerseyNorth CarolinaFloridaMassachusetts

Question 4: In ________ and in Northern Ireland a minor is a person under the age of 18; in Scotland, under the age of 16.
English lawEngland and WalesUnited KingdomCardiff

Question 5: In three states, ________, New York, and North Carolina, "juvenile" refers to a person under sixteen.
MaineRhode IslandConnecticutMassachusetts

Question 6: For all provincial laws (such as alcohol and tobacco regulation), the provincial and territorial governments have the power to set the age of majority in their respective province or territory, so as such, the age varies across ________.
CanadaUnited StatesBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 7: In eleven states, including Georgia, ________, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, South Carolina, and Texas, a "juvenile" is legally defined as a person under seventeen.

Question 8: In the criminal justice system in some places, minor is not entirely synonymous, as a minor may be tried for a ________ (and punished) as a juvenile or an adult (usually only for extremely serious crimes such as murder).
CrimeTreasonCriminal lawExtortion

Question 9: The ________ is 16 in all states and in Queensland consent for anal sex is 18.
ProstitutionSex and the lawAge of consentSexual abuse

Question 10: The ________ in England and Wales and in Northern Ireland is 10; and 8 in Scotland.
RussiaDefense of infancyUnited StatesFrance

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