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Minimoog: Quiz


Question 1: The Japanese Avant-garde Black Metal band Sigh make use of the MiniMoog on their ________ album Imaginary Sonicscape, along with many other instruments obscure to Heavy Metal.

Question 2: The Minimoog was highly popular in 1970s and 1980s ________ and has been used by several artists.
Electronic musical instrumentTechnoElectronic musicElectroacoustic music

Question 3: His follow-up releases The Pleasure Principle (1979) and ________ (1980) also heavily feature the instrument.
Exhibition (album)Living Ornaments '80TelekonDance (Gary Numan album)

Question 4: ________ of Rush used a Minimoog on several Rush albums, from 1977's A Farewell to Kings to 1982's Signals.
Geddy LeeNeil PeartMoving Pictures (album)Alex Lifeson

Question 5: ________ was the first musician to tour with a Minimoog, in 1970[6], during Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Pictures at an Exhibition shows.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer (album)Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures at an Exhibition (album)Keith Emerson

Question 6: Synergy's Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra, recorded with a Minimoog, an Oberheim expander module controlled by an early Oberheim DS-2 digital sequencer and a ________.
Progressive rockPsychedelic rockKing CrimsonMellotron

Question 7: ________'s 1974 album Autobahn, which was a revolutionary record in the development of electronic music.
Radio-ActivityTrans-Europe Express (album)KraftwerkThe Man-Machine

Question 8: ________ used a Minimoog heavily on their first three albums and early singles, notably on the songs Mongoloid and Jocko Homo.
Are We Not Men? We Are Devo!(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionDevoGerald Casale

Question 9: Despite the advent of low-cost digital synthesizers and samplers, the Minimoog remains in high demand with producers and performers of electronic pop and ________.
TechnoElectroacoustic musicElectronic musical instrumentElectronic music

Question 10: For an incomplete list, see ________.
Yes (band)List of Moog synthesizer playersMinimoogStevie Wonder


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