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Question 1: Michael Nyman has pointed out that much of the charm of ________'s early music had to do with perceptual phenomena that were not actually played, but resulted from subtleties in the phase-shifting process.
Philip GlassTehillim (Reich)Steve ReichMinimalist music

Question 2: Gann has further argued that the modernist music represented by ________ was a one-sided development that focused on analytical elements and structural innovations often easier to identify in the score than to hear.
Pierre BoulezKarlheinz StockhausenSerialismAtonality

Question 3: ________, whose 1924 Ballet Mecanique is characterized by much use of motoric and repetitive patterns, as well as an instrumentation made up of multiple player pianos and mallet percussion
Igor StravinskyGeorge AntheilErik SatieAaron Copland

Question 4: Angus MacLise (born in the US, died in ________)

Question 5: As a music without focus or ________, it is also without goal or struggle, as inert as the pre-planned corporate lifestyle for which it is the perfect accompaniment.
HierarchyHumanBiological organisationOrganizational hierarchy

Question 6: ________, whose acoustical experiments demand a stripped-down musical surface to bring out details in the phenomena
Alvin LucierGordon MummaJohn CageRobert Ashley

Question 7: Following the minimal electronic music of Brian Eno and the krautrock band ________, 90s electronic dance music was largely influenced by minimalism and based on repetitive instrumental structures.
Tangerine DreamAmbient musicTangerine Dream discographyPhaedra (album)

Question 8: The term "minimalist music" was derived around 1970 by Michael Nyman from the concept of ________, which was earlier applied to the visual arts.
Color FieldAbstract expressionismMinimalismLyrical Abstraction

Question 9: No Wave artists like Rhys Chatham and ________ made musical pieces based on minimal music structures, such as Chatham's Guitar Trio (1977).
Experimental musical instrumentGlenn BrancaSonic YouthNoise (music)

Question 10: Famous pieces that use this technique are the number section of Glass' ________ and Adams' Shaker Loops.
Satyagraha (opera)Akhnaten (opera)Einstein on the BeachPhilip Glass

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