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Minicomputer: Quiz


Question 1: The 7400 series offered data-selectors, ________, three-state buffers, memories, etc.
MultiplexingMultiplexerMedia Access ControlOrthogonal frequency-division multiple access

Question 2: ________
Timeline of computing 1950–1979History of operating systemsHistory of personal computersHistory of computing hardware (1960s–present)

Question 3: The first successful minicomputer was ________’s 12-bit PDP-8, which cost from US$16,000 upwards when launched in 1964.
Programmed Data ProcessorDigital Equipment CorporationPDP-11PDP-10

Question 4: The 74181 ________ (ALU) was commonly used in the CPU data paths.
Floating-point unitAdditionArithmetic logic unitDivision by zero

Question 5: ________-Bull Level 6/DPS 6/DPS 6000 series
Chevron CorporationHoneywellGeneral ElectricIBM

Question 6: ________’s CDC 160A and CDC 1700
Control Data CorporationSeymour CrayUNIVACSupercomputer

Question 7: Also, the Microsoft Windows series of operating systems, beginning with ________, now included server versions that supported pre-emptive multitasking and other features required for servers.
Windows 9xWindows NTOS/2Windows NT 3.1

Question 8: in ________ with one-tenth inch spacing, making major system components and architecture evident to the naked eye.
Plastic leaded chip carrierSurface-mount technologyCPU socketDual in-line package

Question 9: ________ was the leading minicomputer manufacturer, at one time the 2nd largest computer company after IBM.
Digital Equipment CorporationPDP-10PDP-11Programmed Data Processor

Question 10: Digital Equipment gave rise to a number of minicomputer companies along Massachusetts Route 128, including Data General, Wang Laboratories, ________, and Prime Computer.
Apollo/DomainWorkstationApollo ComputerDigital Equipment Corporation


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