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Question 1: One of the most famous Mingo leaders was ________, who had good relations with his fellow white settlers.
ShawneeWest VirginiaDunmore's WarLogan

Question 2: Although the ________ nominally claimed sovereignty over the Ohio country natives, these people increasingly acted independently of them.
Mohawk nationSeneca nationIroquoisFrench and Indian War

Question 3: In 1937, the tribe officially designated themselves the ________.
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee IndiansCherokee NationWyandotte NationSeneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma

Question 4: The Mingo are an Iroquoian group of Native Americans that migrated west to the ________ in the mid-eighteenth century.
Northwest Indian WarNorthwest TerritoryIndian Reserve (1763)Ohio Country

Question 5: The tribes moved yet again in 1869 after the ________ to present-day Ottawa County, Oklahoma.
American Civil WarBleeding KansasTennesseeUnited States

Question 6: The people who became known as "Mingos" migrated to the ________ in the mid-eighteenth century, part of an influx of Native Americans to a region that had been sparsely populated for decades.
Northwest TerritoryIndian Reserve (1763)Northwest Indian WarOhio Country

Question 7: After the passage of the Indian Removal Act of that same year, however, the Mingos were pressured to sell their lands and migrate to ________ in 1832.

Question 8: His vengeance satisfied, he did not even participate in the resulting Lord Dunmore's War, and was probably not at the climactic ________.
Battle of Point PleasantAndrew Lewis (soldier)ShawneeOhio

Question 9: Anglo-Americans called these migrants mingos, a corruption of mingwe, an ________ name for Iroquoian groups in general.
Algic languagesAlgonquian peoplesAlgonquian languagesEastern Algonquian languages

Question 10: Their villages were increasingly an amalgamation of Seneca, Wyandot, ________, Susquehannock, and Delaware immigrants.


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