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Question 1: ________
USS Waxbill (MHC-50)USS Gull (AMS-16)List of mine warfare vessels of the United States NavyUSS Swallow (AMS-36)

Question 2: USS Hazard – museum ship at ________
Douglas County, NebraskaOmaha – Council Bluffs metropolitan areaBellevue, NebraskaOmaha, Nebraska

Question 3: Calypso – research vessel of ________; the ex-Royal Navy BYMS-class vessel J826
Jacques-Yves CousteauFranceParisRV Calypso

Question 4: The first such ship was HMS Wilton, also the first warship to be constructed from ________.
Composite materialFiberglassGlass-reinforced plasticKayak

Question 5: From about 1943, German ________ transports were similarly converted.
Messerschmitt Bf 108Junkers Ju 86Junkers Ju 52Junkers Ju 87

Question 6: A minesweeper is a small ________ warship designed to counter the threat posed by naval mines.
Naval warfareRoyal NavyNavyUnited States Navy

Question 7: [1] The dedicated, purpose-built minesweeper first appeared during ________ with the Flower-class minesweeping sloop.
World War IWestern Front (World War I)Armenian GenocideCaucasus Campaign

Question 8: HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen – famous for her escape from ________, in 1942, disguised as a tropical island
East JavaBojonegoroSurabayaJember Regency

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