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Question 1: One method that is commonly used by minesweeper AIs is to consider the board as a ________.
Constraint satisfaction problemLocal consistencyBoolean satisfiability problemCombinatorial optimization

Question 2: ________ mentions Minesweeper in his song White and Nerdy.
Straight Outta Lynwood"Weird Al" YankovicWhite & Nerdy"Weird Al" Yankovic (album)

Question 3: Versions of Minesweeper are frequently bundled with operating systems and GUIs, including Minesweeper in Windows, KMines in KDE(Unix-like OSes), Gnomine in ________ and MineHunt in Palm OS.
GNOMELXDEXfceEnlightenment (window manager)

Question 4: In 2000, Richard Kaye published a proof that it is ________ to determine whether a position in a Minesweeper game is consistent with some placement of mines.
NP (complexity)NP-completeP versus NP problemComputational complexity theory

Question 5: For example, ________-based XBomb adds triangular and hexagonal grids, and Professional Minesweeper for Windows includes these and others.
BlackboxX Window SystemXfceEnlightenment (window manager)

Question 6: They created their own "Winflower" game, and lobbied Microsoft to use it in place of Minesweeper in ________.
Windows MeWindows 98Windows 95Windows 2000

Question 7: ________ made a fake trailer for Minesweeper - The Movie.
MTVMySpaceMichael ShowalterCollegeHumor

Question 8: Minesweeper is a single-player ________.
Video gamePersonal computer gameVideo game genresNonviolent video game

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