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Mineral hydration: Quiz


Question 1: Mineral hydration is an inorganic chemical reaction where water adds to the ________ of a mineral, usually creating a new mineral, usually called a hydrate.
Crystal growthCrystal structureCrystallographySolid

Question 2: Hydration is the mechanism by which ________ develops strength.
ConcreteRawmillPortland cementCement kiln

Question 3: Some mineral structures, for example, ________, are capable of including a variable amount of water without significant change to the mineral structure.

Question 4: In geological terms, the process of mineral hydration is known as metasomatism, or alteraion and is a process occurring in ________.
GranuliteAmphiboliteMetamorphic rockMetamorphism

Question 5: Mineral hydration is also a process in the regolith via conversion of silicate minerals into ________ minerals.
Soil liquefactionSoilClaySand


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