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Mineral exploration: Quiz


Question 1: ________ based spectroscopes allow the modern mineral explorationist, in regions devoid of cover and vegetation, to map minerals and alteration directly.
SatelliteNASAGeocentric orbitSpace Race

Question 2: Greenfields exploration is highly conceptual, relying on the predictive power of ________ models to search for mineralisation in unexplored virgin ground.
Ore genesisSedimentary exhalative depositsHeavy mineral sands ore depositsUranium ore deposits

Question 3: This is particularly applicable to searching for ________ but can also be of use in detecting radiometric anomalies associated with metasomatism.
Uranium ore depositsUranium miningCarbonOre genesis

Question 4: Reserve definition includes ________ assessment and engineering studies of the rocks within and surrounding the deposit to determine the potential instabilities of proposed open pit or underground mining methods.
EarthquakeGeotechnical engineeringSoil mechanicsLandslide

Question 5: The primary role of ________, here used to describe assaying or geological media, in mineral exploration is to find an area anomalous in the commodity sought, or in elements known to be associated with the type of mineralisation sought.

Question 6: Mineral exploration is the process undertaken by companies, partnerships or corporations in the endeavour of finding ore (commercially viable concentrations of minerals) to ________.
ArchaeologyMining engineeringMetallurgyMining

Question 7: For large cash rich companies working on small ore bodies, they may work only to a level necessary to satisfy their internal ________ before extraction commences.
Risk managementHealth impact assessmentRisk assessmentBenefit shortfall

Question 8: Extraction methods may vary considerably and it is the discipline of ________ trained in mining engineering to determine the most safe, cost effective and efficient method of mining the ore body.
Electrical engineeringAerospace engineeringEngineerMechanical engineering

Question 9: Reserve definition is undertaken to convert a mineral resource into an ore reserve, which is an economic ________.
Cash flow statementValuation (finance)Balance sheetAsset

Question 10: Instruments are used in geophysical surveys to check for variations in ________, magnetism, electromagnetism (conductivity and resistivity of rocks) and a number of different other variables in a certain area.
Introduction to general relativityEquivalence principleGeneral relativityGravitation


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