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MindTouch Deki: Quiz


Question 1: Deki is available as a package for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, ________, and SUSE, in both open source and commercial editions.
CentOSBerry LinuxScientific LinuxYellow Dog Linux

Question 2: The Deki API is built on a service layer called Dream (Distributed REST Application Manager)[5], a ________ framework for building web services on the .NET platform.
BitTorrent (protocol)Representational State TransferHTML5Atom (standard)

Question 3: Users of the Commercial edition are also offered a ________ (.MSI) package.
System File CheckerWindows PowerShellTask SchedulerWindows Installer

Question 4: The most common interface to the Deki API is its ________ frontend.
Python (programming language)PHPJava (programming language)Perl

Question 5: A popular deployment option is a ________ virtual machine; the VMware appliance is certified.
VMwareIntel CorporationAdvanced Micro DevicesWindows Virtual PC

Question 6: One of the highest profile deployments of Deki is at Mozilla's developer wiki, where over 25,000 pages were migrated from ________ to Deki.
MindTouch DekiWikiWikiWebMediaWikiDokuWiki

Question 7: Deki also powers[27], a community site launched in January 2009 by the ________.
NewsweekDonald E. GrahamThe Washington PostSlate (magazine)

Question 8: A commercial license enables features such as connectors to SugarCRM, Salesforce, ________, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

Question 9: It is divided into a front-end (written in PHP) and an ________, written in C#.
Application programming interfaceUnixJava (programming language)Linux

Question 10: The Deki front-end and API are distributed under the terms of the ________ while the Dream services layer is released under the Apache License, making it free and open source software.
GNOMEGNU General Public LicenseGNU Lesser General Public LicenseFree Software Foundation


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