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Question 1: Psychology also refers to the application of such ________ to various spheres of human activity, including problems of individuals' daily lives and the treatment of mental health problems.

Question 2: ________ sees the human being as contiguous with natural forces, and the mind as not separate from the body.
BuddhismEast Asian religionsTaoismPantheism

Question 3: AI is studied in overlapping fields of computer science, psychology, neuroscience and engineering, dealing with intelligent behavior, learning and ________ and usually developed using customized machines or computers.
AdaptationNatural selectionEvolutionModern evolutionary synthesis

Question 4: While all ________ have a brain, most invertebrates have either a centralized brain or collections of individual ganglia.

Question 5: The word is originally from a ________ verbal root *men-, meaning "to think, remember", whence also Latin [[:wikt:mens#Latin]|mens] "mind", Sanskrit manas "mind" and Greek μένος "mind, courage, anger".
Proto-Indo-European languageIndo-European studiesCentum-Satem isoglossArmenian language

Question 6: Some primates adapted to this challenge by adopting ________: walking on their hind legs.
BipedalismTerrestrial locomotionQuadrupedalismGait

Question 7: ________ is the scientific study of human behaviour, mental functioning, and experience; noology, the study of thought.
NeuropsychologyPsychologyCognitive neuroscienceSigmund Freud

Question 8: Monism is the position that mind and body are not physiologically and ________ distinct kinds of entities.

Question 9: Examples include control, planning and scheduling, the ability to answer diagnostic and consumer questions, handwriting, ________, speech and facial recognition.
António DamásioPerceptionThoughtNatural language

Question 10: Hinduism's various philosophical schools have debated whether the human soul (Sanskrit atman) is distinct from, or identical to, ________, the divine reality.
Āstika and nāstikaBrahmanMonotheismMysticism

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