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Minas Gerais: Quiz


Question 1: This region was initially occupied by great free-wheeling ________ ranches, which are still important for the economy of the region.
BeefTaboo food and drinkCattleMeat

Question 2: The ________ has one of the lowest rates of shutdown for bad weather in the country.
AirportAirport securityAir traffic controlAirline hub

Question 3:
What time offset in UTC is Minas Gerais in during daylight savings?

Question 4:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Minas Gerais?

Question 5: The state also has huge reserves of iron and sizeable reserves of gold and gemstones, including ________, topaz and aquamarine mines.

Question 6: The service sector is the largest component of ________ at 47.1%, followed by the industrial sector at 44.1%.
EconomicsJEL classification codesEconomyGross domestic product

Question 7:
What is the abbreviation of Minas Gerais?
Br J Ophthalmol
Br J Anaesth

Question 8: Many of the cakes and appetizers of the local cuisine use corn or ________ (known there as mandioca) flour instead of wheat, as the latter didn't adapt well to the local weather.
RiceSweet potatoCassavaPhilippines

Question 9: Atlético Mineiro was the first Brazilian champion, in 1971, and has also won two CONMEBOL Cups (nowadays called ________) and 39 State Championships.
Supercopa SudamericanaCopa SudamericanaCopa Mercosur2007 Copa Sudamericana

Question 10:
What are people from Minas Gerais known as?
Juignu00E9ens, Juignu00E9ennes
Pouu00EBzu00E9en, Pouu00EBzu00E9enne
Massu00E9racu00E9ens, Massu00E9racu00E9ennes


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