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Mina Loy: Quiz


Question 1: Cravan fled to ________ to avoid the draft; when Loy's divorce was final she followed him, and they married in Mexico City.
United StatesPhilippinesMexicoNicaragua

Question 2: It was during this time that Loy became part of the Futurists community, having a sexual relationship with their leader ________.
ItalyBenito MussoliniFuturismFilippo Tommaso Marinetti

Question 3: In 1953, Loy moved to ________, Colorado, where her daughters Joella and Fabienne were already living; Joella had married the Bauhaus artist and typographer Herbert Bayer.
AspenPopulusPopulus tremuloidesPopulus tremula

Question 4: Once her work started to gain momentum, she began to publish poems and articles in more significant ________ publications.
ConnecticutNew JerseyMassachusettsNew York

Question 5: Loy is first cited using her new last name in 1904, when she exhibited six watercolor paintings at the Salon d'Automne in ________.
ParisÉvry, EssonneMarseilleVersailles

Question 6: Her poetry was admired by T. S. Eliot, ________, William Carlos Williams, Basil Bunting, Gertrude Stein, Francis Picabia and Yvor Winters, among others.
Norman JaquesBritish People's Party (1939)Ezra PoundSocial Credit

Question 7: She also became a ________ during this time.
Mary Baker EddyThe First Church of Christ, ScientistChurch of Christ, ScientistChristian Science

Question 8: In 1907, Loy and Haweis moved to ________ where they lived more or less separate lives, becoming estranged.

Question 9: In 1923, she returned to Paris and, with the backing of ________, started a business designing and making lampshades, glass novelties, paper cut-outs and painted flower arrangements.
Peggy GuggenheimAbstract artModernismSurrealism

Question 10: Among this group were journalist and communist John Reed, as well as novelist and critic ________.
Langston HughesUnited StatesHarlem RenaissanceCarl Van Vechten


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