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Mimosa pigra: Quiz


Question 1: It may stimulate seed ________ due to the removal of seed coats.
GerminationAlgaeFlowering plantPlant

Question 2: Herbicides are widely used to control Mimosa, especially in ________.
CanadaAustraliaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 3: Herbicide should be applied during the active period of growth of the mimosa and before any seed mature (which in ________ is during the wet season).
BarbadosAustraliaCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 4: [11] It is now wide spread throughout the tropics[3] and is a serious weed in ________, India, South-East Asia and some pacific islands.
AfricaScramble for AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaAfrican Union

Question 5: The genus Mimosa (Mimosaceae) contains 400-450 species, which are mostly native to ________.
AmericasLatin AmericaSouth AmericaNorth America

Question 6: Mimosa pigra (Giant Sensitive Tree) (pigra = lazy,slow), is an invasive species of the genus Mimosa, in the family ________.
Flowering plantFaboideaeLegumeFabaceae

Question 7: Mimosa pigra was probably introduced in ________ at the Darwin Botanic Gardens in the 20 years prior to 1891, either accidentally in seed samples or as a curiosity, because of its sensitive leaves.
AustraliaCanadaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 8: In ________, the common name is mimosa or giant sensitive plant.
CanadaBarbadosUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 9: In ________ it further affects traditional and non-traditional land use, and the sustainability of agriculture and tourism.
United KingdomAustraliaBarbadosCanada

Question 10: Being low in palatability, it was assisted in establishment by high densities of feral water buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis (L.)), which were heavily overgrazing the ________.
ValleyFloodplainRiver deltaAnabranch


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