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Milton H. Erickson: Quiz


Question 1:
Who is Milton H. Erickson's spouse?
Helen, Elizabeth
2 children
Nikoloz Shengelaia

Question 2: He is noted for his approach to the ________ as creative and solution-generating.
NumerologyParadoxUnconscious mindSigmund Freud

Question 3:
What did Milton H. Erickson do for a living?
Psychiatrist, Medical Educator
psychiatrist and psychotherapist
Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatrist, Medical Educator

Question 4:
Where was Milton H. Erickson born?

Question 5:
When is Milton H. Erickson's birthday?

Question 6: Erickson is noted for his often unconventional approach to ________, such as described in the book Uncommon Therapy, by Jay Haley, and the book Hypnotherapy: An Exploratory Casebook, by Milton H.
Family therapyCognitive behavioral therapyPsychotherapyIntegrative psychotherapy

Question 7: Richard Bandler
Robert Dilts
Judith DeLozier
Stephen Gilligan
John GrinderMilton H. EricksonNeuro-linguistic programmingDavid Gordon (psychologist)

Question 8: Milton Hyland Erickson, (5 December 1901 in Aurum, Nevada – 25 March 1980 in ________) was an American psychiatrist specializing in medical hypnosis and family therapy.
DenverBostonPhoenix, ArizonaAtlanta

Question 9: ________ (one of America's foremost linguists, also (like Erickson) a strong believer in the significance of metaphor)
Cognitive scienceWhere Mathematics Comes FromEmbodied cognitionGeorge Lakoff

Question 10: He was an important influence on ________ (NLP), which was in part based upon his working methods [2].
Milton H. EricksonNeuro-linguistic programmingNLP and scienceJohn Grinder


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