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Miltiades the Younger: Quiz


Question 1: The fleet attacked ________, which had been conquered by the Persians, but failed to take the island.

Question 2: He is often credited with devising the tactics that defeated the Persians in the ________ later that year.
Greco-Persian WarsFirst Persian invasion of GreeceSecond Persian invasion of GreeceBattle of Marathon

Question 3: Arriving in ________, Miltiades initially faced a hostile reception for his tyrannical rule in the Chersonese.

Question 4: However, the revolt collapsed in 494 BC and in 492 BC Miltiades fled to ________ to escape a retaliatory Persian invasion.

Question 5: He joined the Ionian Revolt of 499 BC against Persian rule, establishing friendly relations with Athens and capturing the islands of Lemnos and Imbros (which he eventually ceded to ________).

Question 6: He became a vassal of Darius I of Persia, joining Darius' expedition against the ________ around 513 BC.
SarmatiansScythiansIranian peoplesSlavic peoples

Question 7: The debt was later paid by his son ________.

Question 8: His son ________ was a major Athenian figure of the 470s and 460s BC.

Question 9: His daughter , Elpinice, is remembered for her confrontations with ________ recorded by Plutarch.

Question 10: He also married Hegesipyle, the daughter of king Olorus of ________.
GreeceRoman EmpireThraceThracians


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