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Question 1: Milo was the subject of a bronze by Alessandro Vittoria circa 1590, and another bronze now standing in Holland Park, ________ by an unknown nineteenth century artist.

Question 2: [3] ________ and Solinus both attribute Milo's invincibility in competition to the wrestler's consumption of alectoriae, the gizzard stones of roosters.
Roman EmpireCastraPliny the ElderRoman Navy

Question 3: In Milo's case, ________ began the myth-making process with reports likening Milo unto Heracles in his enormous appetite, and Athenaeus continued the process with the story of Milo carrying a bull—a feat also associated with Heracles.
PlatoBertrand RussellEmpiricismAristotle

Question 4: It is Milo's sudden death which makes him most akin to the heroes: there is a hint of ________ in his attempt to rend the tree asunder, and striking contrast between his glorious athletic achievements and his sudden ignoble death.

Question 5: In literature, François Rabelais compares Gargantua's strength to that of Milo's in ________, and Shakespeare refers to "bull-bearing Milo" in Act 2 of Troilus and Cressida.
JasonLucianGrotesque bodyGargantua and Pantagruel

Question 6: Diodorus indicates Milo led the charge against the Sybarites wearing his Olympic crowns, draped in a lionskin and brandishing a club in a manner similar to the mythic hero ________.
ApolloGreek mythologyHeraclesTrojan War

Question 7: Ancient commentators mention an association between Milo and the philosopher ________, who lived at or near Croton for many years.

Question 8: He was captured by Darius in the defeat of the Samian tyrant Polycrates and taken to the Persian capital of ________ as a slave.
ShushtarSusaChogha ZanbilAhvaz

Question 9: [2] The date of Milo's death is unknown, but according to ________ and Pausanias, Milo was walking in a forest when he came upon a tree-trunk split with wedges.

Question 10: [2][3] Diogenes Laertius says Pythagoras died in a fire in Milo's house,[2] but ________ says Pythagoras died in the temple of the Muses at Metapontum of self-imposed starvation.


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