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Question 1: In the early part of the ________, their skills were pressed into service building the earliest powered textile mills.
Thomas HighsTextile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionIndustrial RevolutionWilliam Radcliffe

Question 2: A millwright today is someone who maintains or constructs industrial machinery for ________, pumping stations and other utilities, print shops, and other industries employing fixed heavy machinery.
EngineeringAssembly lineManufacturingTransport

Question 3: A number of prominent early-modern civil engineers originally trained as millwrights, including ________, John Rennie and William Fairbairn.
James BrindleyTrent and Mersey CanalStaffordshire and Worcestershire CanalBridgewater Canal

Question 4: Early millwrights were specialist carpenters who erected machines used in ________, food processing and processing lumber and paper.
Sustainable agricultureAgricultureOrganic farmingIntensive farming

Question 5: In addition, a millwright may also perform all duties of general laborer, pipefitter, ________, and electrician.
CarpentierGenetic genealogyGenealogical DNA testCarpenter (surname)

Question 6: The "mill" in millwright refers to the genesis of the trade in building ________, sawmills, paper mills and fulling mills powered by water or wind.
Water wheelGristmillIslamic Golden AgeTrip hammer

Question 7: A millwright may also perform some of the duties of a welder, such as ________, mig welding and oxyacetylene cutting.
Shielded metal arc weldingGas metal arc weldingGas tungsten arc weldingArc welding

Question 8: Millwrights also must have a good understanding of ________ (hydraulics and pneumatics, and all of the components involved in these processes, such as valves, cylinders, pumps and compressors.
Continuum mechanicsFluid mechanicsFluid dynamicsViscosity

Question 9: Most millwrights are educated through ________ programs where they receive a combination of classroom education along with a good deal of on-the-job training.
ApprenticeshipVocational educationUniversityGermany

Question 10: A millwright originally was a specialized ________ who had working knowledge of driveshafts, bearings, gearing and mechanical belts .
Genetic genealogyGenealogical DNA testCarpentierCarpenter (surname)


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