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Question 1: The transfer of ________ from this accretion event can theoretically increase the rotation rate of the pulsar to hundreds of times a second, as is observed in millisecond pulsars.
Rigid bodyForceAngular momentumEnergy

Question 2: It is thought that the X-rays in these systems are emitted by the ________ of a neutron star produced by the outer layers of a companion star that has overflowed its Roche lobe.
White dwarfEddington luminosityAccretion discBlack hole

Question 3: A millisecond pulsar (MSP), often referred to as "recycled pulsar", is a ________ with a rotational period in the range of about 1-10 milliseconds.
MagnetarPulsarNeutron starSupernova

Question 4: It may be visible in the microwave or X-ray portions of the ________.
Gamma rayElectromagnetic spectrumUltravioletVisible spectrum

Question 5: However, in early 2007 data from the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer and ________ spacecraft indicated that the neutron star XTE J1739-285 rotates at 1122 Hz.
INTEGRALJames Webb Space TelescopeXMM-NewtonHubble Space Telescope

Question 6: Many millisecond pulsars are found in ________.
Globular clusterOrion NebulaTriangulum GalaxyAndromeda Galaxy


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