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Question 1: Many species also emit poisonous liquid secretions or ________ gas through microscopic pores along the sides of their bodies as a secondary defense.
PhosgeneCyanogen chlorideChlorineHydrogen cyanide

Question 2: Millipedes are ________ that have two pairs of legs per segment (except for the first segment behind the head which does not have any appendages at all, and the next few which only have one pair of legs).

Question 3: This class of arthropod is thought to be among the first animals to have colonised land during the ________ geologic period.
Geologic time scaleDevonianSilurianOrdovician

Question 4:
What classis does Millipede belong to?

Question 5: Unlike ________ and other similar animals, each segment bears two pairs of legs, rather than just one.

Question 6: [15] ________ consists of flushing the area thoroughly with water; further treatment is aimed at relieving the local effects.
First aidCardiopulmonary resuscitationAutomated external defibrillatorABC (medicine)

Question 7: However they can also be a minor garden pest, especially in ________ where they can cause severe damage to emergent seedlings.

Question 8: These early forms probably ate ________ and primitive vascular plants.
MossMarchantiophytaFlowering plantFern

Question 9: The subgroups of millipedes in ________ sequence, from most basal to most advanced, are:
Computational phylogeneticsEvolutionCladePhylogenetics

Question 10: Animals such as ________ have been observed intentionally irritating millipedes in order to rub the chemicals on themselves to repel mosquitoes.
White-headed CapuchinCentral American Squirrel MonkeyCapuchin monkeySquirrel monkey

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