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Question 1: These were soon combined with the emerging technology of digital ________.
Personal computerComputerCentral processing unitLinux

Question 2: Most ________ milling machines (also called machining centers) are computer controlled vertical mills with the ability to move the spindle vertically along the Z-axis.
Numerical controlMachine toolDrillMetalworking

Question 3: (These same men during the same era were also busy developing the state of the art in ________.
Numerical controlTurret latheScrewLathe (metal)

Question 4: ________ is often pumped to the cutting site to cool and lubricate the cut, and to sluice away the resulting swarf.
Cutting fluidMetalworkingTap and dieMachining

Question 5: Horizontal milling machines also have a C or Q axis, allowing the horizontally mounted workpiece to be rotated, essentially allowing asymmetric and eccentric ________.
Drill bitLatheTurningMetalworking

Question 6: During the 1950s, ________ made its commercial appearance.
Numerical controlMetalworkingMilling machineMachine tool

Question 7: ________ are held in the spindle and rotate on its axis.
ReamerEndmillBroaching (metalworking)Milling cutter

Question 8: As an historical footnote: Bridgeport is now owned by Hardinge Brothers of ________.
Corning (city), New YorkBinghamton, New YorkElmira, New YorkChemung County, New York

Question 9: Bridgeport Machines of ________ so dominated the milling machine market for such a long time that their machine "The Bridgeport" is virtually synonymous with "Manual milling machine." The bulk of the machines that Bridgeport made from about 1965 onward used an R8 collet system.
Bridgeport, ConnecticutNorwalk, ConnecticutFairfield County, ConnecticutStamford, Connecticut

Question 10: Workpiece and cutter movement are precisely controlled to less than 0.001 in (0.025 mm), usually by means of precision ground slides and ________ or analogous technology.
GearLeadscrewScrew threadBall screw


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